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New Wave Art Palette Packaging

The concept behind this package design centered around the unique shapes of the New Wave Art palettes themselves. The owners of the company chose to bag their products and needed individual header prints to help identify the different palettes. We went with a muted pastel color scheme to set off the product names, and balanced the design with negative space tailored to that products' specific shape. This provided a familial resemblence across their entire catalog, while allowing for individuality for each package.

Each palette package included a sticker for the front of the bag, which emphasized not only how to hold the product, but why their patented 3-point design provides increased stability for painters. Additionally, there was a branded insert card produced to explain the care instructions and company history, as well as a stand alone end-cap display for retail installation - which included space for hanging a sample palette. This entire package can be found in art retailers around the continental United States; at locations like Dick Blick, Utrect, and several others. The product is also available online at "".

catagory:   product packaging
specimen:   bag headers, packaging stickers, magazine advertisement