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Coatesville First Seventh-day Adventist Church -
Member Appreciation Committee Logo

The Coatesville First Seventh-day Adventist Church contracted C R E A T i V E N E S S to develop a logo for their Member Appreciation Committee. As the lead designer on the project, I led the team through conceptualization, design and development of the brandmark. We produced two distinctly different directions for the client to choose from. One direction focused on a blend of visual graphics and typography at close to a 50:50 ratio, while the other was constructed entirely from typographical elements.

The 50:50 solution was meant to be a little more friendly in nature, eliciting an inviting feel for the branch, while highlighting a distinct physical feature of the church itself. The strictly typographic direction took on a more corporate feel that was meant to reflect the stength and stability that parishoners derive from their religious community. Both versions are still under consideration for final use.

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*designed and produced in collaboration with  C R E A T i V E N E S S