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General Maintenance Identity

General Maintenance is a local business located in Coatesville Pennsylvania, and is exactly as its name suggests. They provide generalized maintenance for your home and lawn. The owner contracted CREATiVENESS to generate a brand, web presence, business cards, and vehicle magnets. Acting as lead designer on the project, I developed a bold color scheme, classic logo with a new wave twist on the type, and the basic concept behind the entire package. They wanted a unique look to help separate them from their competitors in a way that would elicit a balance of professionalism and approachability.

The concept was to use a bold color scheme with high levels of contrast, and take advantage of the powerful undertones associated with deep reds to attract attention from the viewer. Working in collaboration with CREATiVENESS, these business cards and vehicle magnets were developed as a art of the company branding package.

catagory:   small business identity
specimen:   business cards, vehicle magnet

*designed and produced in collaboration with  C R E A T i V E N E S S