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CREATiVENESS Facebook Design

CREATiVENESS is a graphic and interactive design firm who utilizes social media to connect with current and potential clients, along with fellow professionals in the field. Facebook offers an extremely open format for identity development, and it was my job to make sure CREATiVENESS was well represented on this ever expanding platform.

I conceptualized, designed, and developed all of the custom pages to reflect their overall digital presence. The company canvas image was designed to showcase all services offered, while highlighting the stengths of their business. A subtle but seamless interaction with the profile picture illustrates the level of thought behind this concept.

All page tab icons were custom designed to have a familial resemblence while generating visual interest for the viewer. I currently manage all custom page tabs on a weekly basis, uploading the most current image and content updates, along with downloadable desktop background images.

catagory:   social media design and management
specimen:   company Facebook page

*designed and developed in collaboration with   C R E A T i V E N E S S