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CREATiVENESS 2013 Desktop Calendar Download

CREATiVENESS is a graphic and interactive design firm that releases an annual desktop screensaver calendar. The 2013 installment is available here.

I conceptualized, designed, and helped develop the actual screensaver calendar in cooperation with the rest of the CREATiVENESS team. The splash page for downloading the file was a portion of this project that fell completely in my court. The design and development of this page was based around the company's existing online contact presence. It was built utilizing HTML and CSS, and structured to display perfectly on the iPad, but will maintain it's visual appeal and functionalities across all all platforms and browsers - including mobile.

catagory:   webpage design and development
specimen:   screensaver download page

*designed and developed in collaboration with   C R E A T i V E N E S S